Server Name IP:Port Map Game Players Country Status
Adam's SC test server (Win32): Internal [12399] sc_robination_revised svencoop 0/12 United Kingdom online
AFRAID OF MONSTERS 24/7 [EU] afraidofmonsters_lobby svencoop 0/8 United Kingdom online
Tucumanos 24/7 [Arma nueva: M107 Silver] th_ep2_04 svencoop 2/32 Argentina online
AFRAID OF MONSTERS 24/7 [US] afraidofmonsters_lobby svencoop 0/8 United States online
SC #1 Gaming Community -Join US! sc_tetris2 SvenCoop 0/20 United States online
Half-Life choose_campaign_4 svencoop 0/32 Sweden online
[EU] Cosmoline [ Non-Survival | Campaigns | Focal Point | Ranks dynamic_mapvote_cosmo svencoop 0/32 Germany online
Adambean's server: The Mustard Factory mustard_b svencoop 0/18 United Kingdom online
ImperiumSC #1 - abandoned svencoop 0/14 Argentina online
[US] Survival (+Anti-Rush) #2 dynamic_mapvote svencoop 0/32 United States online
amckerns Server | Fast DL | Sydney Server etf_1 svencoop 4/6 United States online
Half-Life #fastDL | #Difficulty system [EU] hl_lobby svencoop 0/32 Slovakia (SLOVAK Republic) online
Adambean's server: Public #1 [Official maps] re_evil_directors_cut svencoop 3/12 United Kingdom online
Fun/Silly/Custom maps by [US:NW] adams_dungeon svencoop 0/16 United States online
The Temple of Doom asmap03d svencoop 1/32 Germany online
[EU] Cosmoline [ SCXPM | FUNSTUFF | Ranks ] sc_argentina2 svencoop 0/32 Germany online
[EU] Cosmoline [ Survival | Campaigns | Fun Stuff | Ranks ] dynamic_mapvote_cosmo svencoop 0/32 Germany online
DaMaJ infested svencoop 5/8 United States last online 10:04 AM
Adam's SC test server (Win32): Pre-Release [12395] _server_start svencoop 0/12 United Kingdom down since 24-May-20
JAWA sc_toysoldiers svencoop 1/24 Indonesia down since 13-May-20
[LT]ANDROMEDA_HL hl_c01_a1 svencoop 2/12 Lithuania down since 19-Apr-20
[SG] | SVEN COOP (AntiRush, AntiBlock, Custom Maps) -sp_campaign_portal svencoop 0/32 Canada down since 07-Mar-20
[CZ/SK] COOP svencoop1 svencoop 0/16 Italy down since 24-Feb-20
REMilia's SC Server [Chatsound|XP|Weapon] | DIFFICULTY: 79.0% sc_dead_zone2 svencoop 3/24 Hong Kong down since 26-Jan-20
DamaJ abandoned svencoop 1/8 United States down since 20-Jan-20
MaxHP1 HardCore Survival [Challenges Season 2] cracklife_c07_a2 svencoop 1/13 Taiwan down since 16-Dec-19
Anti-Rush - Half-Life Decay EU dy_dampen svencoop 0/32 Germany down since 15-Nov-19
Farm SCXPM exprate99999 test projectg1 svencoop 0/13 Taiwan down since 17-Oct-19
blast door hl_c13_a2 svencoop 3/4 United States down since 03-Oct-19
#1 [ARG] SvenCoop 5 yabma svencoop 0/17 Argentina down since 19-Sep-19